Art is the accomplice of love they say. Well then, flowers have been found guilty of romance. She’d been toying with art for a while. Flowers intervened and flirtation met love . . . She fell, head over hell, in love with art.

Hi! I am Mehak Maharia, an aspiring Sculpture Painting Artist, Animal Lover and a Gardner.

I love art. Isn’t it amazing, how a single moment can change our life. On the surface, perhaps, the change isn’t significant. Life goes on like it was before the moment, but nothing, nothing at all that ever was would ever be. I stumbled into the world of art and life opened up for me, like a flower unfurling.

I am currently exploring sculptural paintings. I create exclusive watches, panels, photo frames, vases, mirror, and lamps in this technique.

I love gardening. If something can relax me in a jiffy, it’s getting my hands in the earth. I also love dogs. When I am not in my garden or working on a new painting, I am usually out playing with my dogs or going on rescues or saving my plants from being eaten by my dogs.

These artworks are a product of the ongoing affair an 19 year old has with art . . .

Clocks on canvas.

A collection of clocks I sculpted on MDF wood or canvas

Sculpture on Canvas

A collection on artwork featuring flowers sculpted on canvas or MDF wood

Flowers on Pots

A collection of artwork featuring flowers sculpted on earthen pots.